About Us

Re.Defined is a unique, family run business based out of Nova Scotia. Our current story began in 2017, though it truly runs much deeper than that.

 How was Re.Defined created? The dream started long, long ago, in a small basement. We knew we wanted a business that followed our passion of antique goods alongside creativity. This meant paint would be spilled, wood wouldbe shaped, and signs would be made, all within the comfort of our home basement.

 Eventually, the basement was too small, and the dream became bigger. A new building was acquired, and the growing began. A legacy had begun. The award winning business became renowned! 

 After many successful years, we decided to take a personal retreat to Nova Scotia (who knew we wouldn’t want to return after?!). A short while later, we made the big move from Ontario to the coast. The time came where we listed the business and had to say goodbye to our dream of oh-so-long, and say hello to a new one!

 Re.Defined. It was time to follow a new goal, both personally and as a business! With some hard work, lots of time, personal labour, and the odd break to dip our feet in the lake, we created our workshop!

 We haven’t lost our flare from the past, but we have grasped a new desire to create artistic modern pieces that everyone would love to embrace into their lives.

 Dagny & Rob